Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fred duncan

a sample of what the content of the ski guide will look like with a quarter page ad. can't wait to get those characters into our guide!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sample Full Page Ad

So, there are many ways to advertise within our ski guide. One unique feature is, instead of a regular full page ad, you (as the business) have the opportunity to turn that ad into a feature story placed with our main content section. This way, people will read your ad like an article. Choose something unique about what you do and write about it. You choose! Each page will have a reference to locate your coupon in the back of the guide. I think this is really neat...so jump on board before we run out of feature story space!


I've been trying to sketch a mascot for our ski guide. What should his name be??

Yummy food from our advertisers.

Spicy Wings from the Rack near Sugarloaf. I'm a vegetarian but I did try one cause they looked sooo good and I've been hearing about these wings for weeks! Thanks Jeff!

Home brewed Raspberry Pale Ale at The Bag and Kettle near Sugarloaf. Wow, I'm super excited about the restaurants that are signing up!!

Jon and Ben having fun.

One day I'll be in a picture. -Jordan

Who we are....well, ok...what we look like.

Book Cover Designs

Front Cover

Back Cover